Celebration Medley

Description: Apple-orange spiced tisane

Type: Rooibos

On the label: South-African red rooibos sings with the natural sweetness of apple, orange and rose, creating the perfect concert of flavours with spice notes.

Ingredients: South-African red rooibos, orange peel, apple, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose petals, natural flavours.

Directions: 1 tsp. for 6 minutes at 100 C for every 12 oz water

We had our first dump of snow last night and I could think of no better way to take advantage of staying indoors than with one of my favourite Sloane teas. Celebration Medley is a go-to fall and winter tea. As you can tell from the ingredients, this tea screams holiday-season and always makes me want to cozy up by a (Netflix) fire. The apple, orange and rose blend really nicely with the spices so that there isn’t an overpowering single note and it just tastes yummy. I think it would work really well as a latte, too.

When steeped, Celebration Medley is a dark amber colour. Make sure your teaspoon has a mix of the larger dried fruit pieces and the rooibos, which settles at the bottom of the container. I’ve made this tea by just steeping the large chunks and it majorly lacks in flavour and depth. In my opinion, Sloane does a much better job than DAVIDsTEA at the fruit-tea combo. I find DAVIDsTEA to be extra-sweet and the flavours taste almost fake. Sloane’s herbals have just the right mix so you get the natural sweetness of the ingredients and aren’t knocked out by a cookie-flavoured-shortbread-carrot-OMGSOSWEET tea.

I would enjoy this tea with a dessert to bring out the spice in the tea without competing with it directly. So avoid gingerbread, anything heavy on pumpkin spice, and strong orange flavours that are so common at this time of year. Almond, apricot, baked apples, or a raisin scone would go really well with this tea. Maybe a good panettone, too.

Overall, I think this tea is better suited for sweet rather than savoury items. But if I were to whip up something savoury to go with it then I would make this apple cheddar tart or an apple-chicken salad something! The apple in the tea is just present enough that you won’t get sick of it if paired with even more apple.

I’m drinking this while my 5-week-old son is down for his afternoon nap and it is just the perfect tea to enjoy in these quiet and fleeting moments.

Pairing ideas: Almond crescent cookies, apple crisp stuffed baked applesapricot linzer cookies, raisin scones