The last thing I want to do after an exhausting day is spend another 20 minutes on skincare before I go to bed. But, as luck will have it, in the early days of my pregnancy I was hit with the all-too-common hormonal break-outs. My skin apparently reverted to its teenage years and I didn’t know how to fix it! Wanting to avoid harsh chemicals and over-drying my skin (this was in the middle of the winter), I decided I had to change my skin care routine. I found that daily oil cleansing with organic argan oil, a mask once or twice a week, and spot-treatment with a tea tree oil blemish stick worked wonders to get rid of those pesky break-outs!!!!

Oil Cleansing Method

Do this everyday after you remove your makeup — I swear it feels like a mini facial and not like a chore whatsoever!

Some people use a mixture of different oils but I like pure argan oil the best since I already use it regularly as a moisturizer.

  • Add a decent amount of oil to the palm of your hand (I usually try to fill up the dropper)
  • Rub the oil between your palms so it doesn’t drip off when you apply it to your face
  • Massage the oil onto your face in small, circular motions for about 3 minutes, making sure to get into those tough to reach places like the corners of your nose and along your hairline and avoiding the eye area (This step is soooo relaxing in itself!)
  • Take a washcloth and soak it in steaming water from your tap, then carefully wring out the excess water (be careful not to get the water too hot! The washcloth will be hot to the touch but you should still be able to wring it out with your hands)
  • Place the washcloth over your face and let the steam open up your pores, about 30 seconds to a minute
  • Gently wipe the oil away with the washcloth, being careful not to scrub. The steam + oil will help unclog pores and remove dead skin, so there is no need to exfoliate using this method
  • Rinse the washcloth in more steaming water and repeat two or three times
  • Breathe deeply, release any tension from the day, and get ready for a relaxing sleep


The Perth Soap Co. 100% pure argan oil is free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives PLUS it is paraben and phthalate free (perfect for us mommy’s-to-be)! At $30, it’s half the price of the Josie Maran version and is just as good with the added bonus of being a Canadian brand! Argan oil doesn’t always have to be so expensive, you can usually order it for under $20 from online vitamin stores like here, here and here.

I am in love with this Origin’s Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay ! I use it once or twice a week, leave it on for 5-10 minutes and wash off. It really helps to smoothen out my skin’s texture and remove those tiny acne bumps.

I use this Body Shop tea tree oil stick only for spot treatment and usually after I oil cleanse and even under my makeup. It helps to reduce redness and heal breakouts quickly. Warnings of essential oil use during pregnancy generally apply to ingestion and from my research topical tea tree oil use appears to be okay. But I encourage you to always do a bit of research before using a product (new or not), particularly when pregnant!