This is a full, unsponsored review of the Sloane Fine Tea Merchants product line. 

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants founder Hoda Paripoush has developed an amazing tea product and brand. Over the past 5 years, one of my favourite (and more expensive) habits has been drinking Sloane tea twice or three times daily — usually a black tea in the morning and an herbal before bed. My husband drinks tea with me and doesn’t even argue when I add some scones and finger sandwiches. The tea is so good that everyone will join in on the party.

The tea containers are so pretty that I never throw them away and they double as pretty catch-alls on my vanity. I always see retailers and restaurants showing off their massive Sloane containers at the bar. What makes it even better is that the tea inside does not disappoint! It is all sourced and blended by certified tea sommeliers and bonus — it is Canadian!

No wonder Sloane tea is so delicious — Hoda has consulted with the Maître Nez (Head Nose) of one of the finest perfumeries in France to develop her products. This explains why I could sniff the containers for hours.

The teas include a range of oolong, black, red rooibos, green, white, herbal, chai and more (Gen Mai Cha is a green tea and brown rice blend). I have reviewed each tea offered by Sloane and noted the good, the bad, and my absolute favourites including the best peach iced tea ever (recipe coming soon!).

The Where To Buy search on the Sloane is only for in-store purchases, so I did a bit of my own digging around for online retailers:

Sloane Tea Fine Merchants (online)

The Shop for All Reasons (online and in-store) | Mississauga, ON

Check back regularly as I review each tea

Celebration Medley
Chocolate Truffle
Darjeeling 2nd Flush
Earl Grey Classic
Heavenly Cream
Mint Chocolate
Signature Black
Bold Breakfast
Lapsang Souchong
Cocoa Chai Chai
Masala Chai Classic
Palace Chai

Citron Calm
Crimson Berry
Ginger Twist
Marrakesh Mint
Cocoa Chai Chai
Rouge Provence
Coconut Almond
Vanilla Bean

Classic Green
Jade Halo
Tropical Green
Gunpowder Green
Sencha Classic
Grand Genmaicha

Blood Orange Oolong
Oolong Crème
Orchid Oolong

Jasmine Jade Pearl
Jasmine Mist
Jasmine Pink Lemonade
Jasmine Snow Dragon
White Jasmine Ice
Silver Mist
Peaches and Cream
Perfectly Pear